Who we are

Natasha Cunningham and Patrick Welsh

Natasha Cunningham and Patrick Welsh met at the Graduate School for Architecture at Columbia University..  Patrick completed his undergraduate work at the University of Virginia.  He has worked for several residential and commercial architecture firms.  In the year immediately following graduate school he worked for Walt Disney Imagineering and Progress City, an entertainment based research and development think tank in Los Angeles.  Natasha completed her undergraduate degree at Barnard College.  She has worked previously for several residential and institutional firms with a focus on early childhood education.  Natasha has extensive experience dealing with the unique requirements associated with historic home renovations.



We see architecture as a process of discovery.  Our work is a search for unique conditions where space and light act in your presence to stimulate a sense of connection.  For us the success of our built and reshaped space is measured in increments of experiential awareness, awakening and engagement.

Our starting point: program, budget and site.



Our studio is currently in our home in Arnold Maryland.   We share space with a cat, two dogs and multiple children.

We design and build our work.  



Cunningham Welsh Studio

204 Mill Court, Arnold, MD 21012